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For the protection of our patients and staff, masks are required inside all FWO clinics. If you have a fever or a cough, are ill or have been exposed to someone who is ill, we encourage you to call 800-566-5659 to reschedule your appointment.

Find more information about our COVID-19 Safety Plan here.

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Fort Wayne Orthopedics COVID-19 Plan to Keep Employees & Visitors Safe

Fort Wayne Orthopedics COVID-19 Plan to Keep Employees & Visitors Safe

Revised April 5, 2021

Fort Wayne Orthopedics values the safety of all staff and visitors to our offices and will comply with safety and health standards established and enforced by the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA) and the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH).

  • Patients will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and recent travel upon arrival

  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout our offices for all staff and visitors. Visitors are encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon registration.

  • Handwashing reminders with CDC guidance on proper technique are posted in all restrooms

  • Plexiglas shields have been installed at registration desks to create a protection barrier between staff and individuals they interact with.

  • High touch surfaces are being regularly cleaned multiple times each day including but not limited to door handles, reception desks, intake kiosks, shared pens, chairs in waiting areas, exam tables, and security keypads.

  • Coffee service has been removed from our lobbies and magazines have been removed from patient waiting areas to limit common touch items.

  • Public drinking fountains have been disabled

  • The Valet service has been suspended indefinitely

  • Social distancing guides have been posted throughout offices and patient waiting areas informing of need to maintain six feet between people if possible

  • To facilitate social distancing, patients are not permitted to bring other individuals into the Practice. One additional individual may accompany the patient for the visit if the patient is a minor, if the patient needs assistance in understanding the plan of care, or if a case manager must be informed of the plan and this cannot be accomplished by telephone. These individuals are also required to wear masks. All other visitors will be asked to wait in their car.

  • Services in Diagnostic Test Scheduling, Customer Service and Surgery Scheduling have been transitioned to be performed over the phone to facilitate social distancing.

  • Facemasks are required to be worn by patients while in the practice. Patients will be encouraged to wear their own mask. If they do not have one, a mask will be provided to them.

  • Telehealth visits have been implemented and physicians are screening their schedules to determine if this is a suitable alternative for patients instead of coming in person.

  • Social media marketing and our FWO website have been used to inform patients to call instead of reporting for visits if having any signs of illness, to inform of the opportunity to utilize telehealth instead of in person visits, and the number to call with questions or concerns.

  • Employees who are able to effectively work remotely have been set up for telecommuting to minimize their risk of exposure and enhance social distancing in the office spaces.

  • Notices to employees have been posted at entrances to inform of screening criteria which must be passed in order to report to work.

  • Employees have been informed to self-assess each day to check for any COVID-19 type symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell) prior to reporting to work. Reminders are posted on ADP to stay home if any signs of illness.

  • Employees reporting to work will be screened for symptoms upon entering our full time clinics and do self-temperature checks at home. Those working at remote clinics have been informed to self-monitor for symptoms and do self-temperature checks at home. Staff exhibiting symptoms should not report to work and should notify their supervisor.

  • Cloth facemasks have been made available for staff

  • Cloth or surgical masks are required to be worn by staff and providers in any situations where close proximity to patients and/or other staff members occur. This includes but is not limited to 1) while greeting/registering patients 2) while in exam rooms/offices with patients 3) while performing x-rays on patients 4) while escorting/transporting patients and 5) while working in clinical pods with multiple staff members. Masks are also required in any situation or area of the practice where social distancing between staff members/providers cannot reliably be maintained.

  • Staff who participate in special procedures will be provided appropriate personal protective equipment including surgical face masks, gloves and gowns as indicated for the activities they must perform.

  • Video-conferencing technology has been adopted for conducting meetings remotely instead of in person. Any required meetings that involve more than 10 individuals will be offered in a teleconference format.

  • An Employee Assistance Plan offering counseling services is available to all staff to assist in managing anxiety or emotional issues related to COVID-19